Grandmaster Wu Ying Hua


Grandmaster Wu Ying Hua was a famous Chinese teacher of Wu-style tai chi chuan. She was the eldest daughter of Wu Jian Quan, the Founer of Wu-style tai chi chuan. Her older brothers were Grandmaster's Wu Kung-i and Wu Kung-tsao.

Grandmaster Wu Ying Hua began studying tai chi chuan at age nine, and by age seventeen, she was a full-time teacher in her father's school. In 1921, she was invited to teach t'ai chi ch'uan in Shanghai. In 1928, her father followed her to Shanghai and she became his teaching assistant. In 1930, she married Ma Yue Liang who was Wu Jian Quan's senior disciple. In 1935, Wu Jian Quan founded the Jian Quan Tai Chi Chuan Association (鑑泉太極拳社) in Shanghai. Wu Jian Quan died in 1942.

After the Cultural Revolution, at about 1980, it became possible to teach tai chi chuan publicly in China. About this time her brother Grandmaster Wu Kung-tsao moved to Hong Kong. Grandmaster's Wu Ying Hua and Ma Yue Liang, remaining in mainland China, created a simplified Wu tai chi chuan form and were again able to have public meetings of the Jian Quan Tai Chi Chuan Association.

Together with Grandmaster Ma Yue Liang, Wu Ying Hua published several books on Wu-style tai chi chuan. The books “Wu style Tai Chi Chuan: Forms, Concepts and Applications of the Original Style,” “Wu Simplified Tai Chi Chuan,” and also together with master Shi Mei Lin “Wu style Tai Chi Kuai (Fast) Chuan or Wu Style Tai Chi Fast Form”. Wu Ying Hua was the senior instructor of the Wu family from 1983 until she died in 1996.
Grandmaster Wu also cultivated the Dao in her daily life.

Grandmaster's Ma Yue Liang and Wu Ying Hua are survived by several children and grandchildren, including: Ma Jiang Chun (b. 1931), Dr. Ma Hai Long (b. 1935), Ma Jiang Bao (b. 1941), and Ma Jiang Ling (b. 1947). Ma Jiang Bao lives in the Netherlands and teaches traditional t'ai chi ch'uan in Europe, and Their adopted daughter Shi Mei Lin.

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